A Zombie Extra’s First Day on Set - Key & Peele

An extra on a zombie show gets a huge opportunity his first day on the job. (Contains strong language.)

About Key & Peele:
Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator.

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  • Yeah... Literally the people around me.

    Allen EkaputraAllen Ekaputra14 timmar sedan
  • I guess it didn'T really matter what he said as it would be edited with sound effects, and the other actor was just too tall. It also didn'T matter that he was holding something in his hand as the camera would just show his face.

    OutsiderXEOutsiderXEDag sedan
  • This is an accurate representation of why modern movies suck ass (mostly).

    Big BossBig BossDag sedan
  • No way bro that is lubert the doorman! Wow

    ROBLOXtvROBLOXtvDag sedan
  • It’s the guy from icarly wit the big ass bump

    LukeTubeLukeTubeDag sedan
  • lmaooo

    Pr YoggaPr Yogga2 dagar sedan
  • That would be pretty scary if a zombie said the 1st thing😂

    Kruppt808Kruppt8082 dagar sedan
  • Locked my eyes to Peele from frame 1, it's now 10 times more hilarious 😂😂😂😂

    Alejandro CelisAlejandro Celis3 dagar sedan
  • Plot Twist : this is the reality of People with the right Connection Vs People with non.

    GNS-KAKVUGNS-KAKVU3 dagar sedan

    TheLeumrockTheLeumrock4 dagar sedan
  • I'm rady for a zombie apocalipse. They will eat my face and my brain? Fine. They growl and hiss at me? Fine. But i swear: the moment someone starts "me me me" i eat the bullet. No thanks.

    mahazeromahazero4 dagar sedan
  • i was an extra once for a random movie. didn’t know what i was supposed to be doing, so i sat in the back. in the next shot, they had the main actor (christoph waltz) start his scene sitting next to me since there was so much room in the back for him to run across the shot, saying his lines. i sat there like this 😬 making direct eye contact with the camera

    InTheHillCountryInTheHillCountry4 dagar sedan
  • "He sound like Beaker from the muppets y'all" - Keegan Michael key 2017.

    Joshua HillJoshua Hill4 dagar sedan

    Zombie ManZombie Man5 dagar sedan
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Mgxterra GonzalezMgxterra Gonzalez6 dagar sedan
  • if you guys don't know these guys then watch keanu

    レスターレスター6 dagar sedan
  • That’s how life be man give it to the person who don’t got it. & the person who got it don’t even notice him.

    Scott ColeScott Cole7 dagar sedan
  • 1:43 You'll thank me later

    Finn AberjanskiFinn Aberjanski8 dagar sedan

    Savannah ManhattanSavannah Manhattan8 dagar sedan
  • that extra has a lot of talent, he should have his own tv show

    TheAsdsdswwwTheAsdsdswww8 dagar sedan
  • "Don't be a fucking beeker" 😭🤣

    Legion ofReapersLegion ofReapers9 dagar sedan
  • Love how people are so serious, I’m still getting replies 8 months later! All the back & forth is stupid as hell! Nobody cares you karens

    Gorou The fifth sonGorou The fifth son9 dagar sedan
  • Sorry but i can only see him as kevin

    InfernoInferno9 dagar sedan
  • This Max guy has perfect hair in a zombie apocalypse

    MERC 5 - GOING GOLDMERC 5 - GOING GOLD10 dagar sedan
  • The Walking Dead?

    Andryha DresdenAndryha Dresden10 dagar sedan
  • Two brothers and just by that studio heads decisions to promote one over the other has now created a rift between what could’ve been a friendship. Divide and conquer

  • It makes sense. Since the audio will be dubbed in later, it doesn't matter what sound he makes. Just what his face looks like.

    SCNewbCasterSCNewbCaster11 dagar sedan
  • Haha

    Anime LoverAnime Lover11 dagar sedan
  • I want someone to edits this so he says the fitness gram pacer test

    Tacoman 764Tacoman 76411 dagar sedan
  • Legends says he still don't know what to do in case they need to go to the bathroom

    Calel ValdezCalel Valdez12 dagar sedan
  • aah, what's up, Obama, my baby?

  • This made me think about how scary it would be if Zombies just mumbled sentences that their past self used to say.

    Captain CrispyCaptain Crispy12 dagar sedan
  • I hate people who pretend to support you but actually backstabs you to make himself look better.

    Carlou EspedillonCarlou Espedillon12 dagar sedan
  • Imm gonna eat ya zoommmbbieee 😭

    Jrise BreezyJrise Breezy12 dagar sedan
  • I really thought he'd turn out to be a real zombie. Since it was his first day as an 'extra'

    Abhishek DeyAbhishek Dey13 dagar sedan
  • Is that Lubert from iCarly?

    M_for_muhammadM_for_muhammad13 dagar sedan
  • Ayyy what do we do if we gotta go bathroom

    Kane EstlerKane Estler13 dagar sedan
  • I've been an extra many times and this is similar talk going on amongst us.

    Jimolee's YTJimolee's YT14 dagar sedan
  • Zombies use the restroom?

    William BROWNWilliam BROWN14 dagar sedan
  • Little did he know, the sound is recorded separate for this scene

    MrInfinitePresentsMrInfinitePresents14 dagar sedan

    House StuffHouse Stuff14 dagar sedan
  • Kevin!!!

    Mc Whaller RiveraMc Whaller Rivera15 dagar sedan
  • They gonna dub anyway

    CarmpulseCarmpulse15 dagar sedan
  • That’s the lupert from iCarly

    DC_ TheJokerDC_ TheJoker15 dagar sedan
  • I'm curious, how much do they pay for that shot in the head? :)

    Productivity FactoryProductivity Factory16 dagar sedan
  • "Im gonna eat your brain, zombe!" 😂

    KNJ KNJKNJ KNJ16 dagar sedan
  • So toxic

    Cpt_price CanoCpt_price Cano16 dagar sedan
  • key and peele are the least subtle comedians ever, all jokes are repeated over and over again until you kinda feel sick

    Adam SandstromAdam Sandstrom17 dagar sedan
  • When you try hard and everyone hates you.

    R UmlasR Umlas17 dagar sedan
  • Lol the guy from Grimm

    darkknightsdsdarkknightsds17 dagar sedan
  • Legend has it that he is still saying... I will be more than happy

    Nish GurjaraNish Gurjara18 dagar sedan
  • 😂😂😂

    Chhantyal ManojChhantyal Manoj18 dagar sedan
  • ... I was waiting for lunch break and then you get to know they are real zombie extras because they are casually severed brains

    Kristofer DahlKristofer Dahl18 dagar sedan
  • you want me to say "Grah"?

    Orpheus 010Orpheus 01018 dagar sedan
  • lol this is hilarious laughing my ass off

    ZerstorterZerstorter19 dagar sedan
  • Imagine A zombie comes to you and says mimimumumimimi

    Im FakeIm Fake19 dagar sedan
  • When did Kevin Cozner take up direction? I thought he liked being a professor and teaching

    Nikhil PaletiNikhil Paleti19 dagar sedan
  • Why is it always soooooooooo ackward 😭!?

    Dun PealDun Peal19 dagar sedan
  • *Hey, what do we have we got to go to the bathroom?*

    surkid101 bsurkid101 b19 dagar sedan
  • "If they blow your head off, that's straight pay!". Being an extra takes more effort than the acting.

    Gregory UKGregory UK20 dagar sedan
  • Plot twist. It really didn't matter what the extra said on camera, all the sound and growls were added later.

    Chomagus BobusChomagus Bobus20 dagar sedan
  • dumbest zombie ever.

    vergel M.vergel M.20 dagar sedan
  • im gonna get yo brains zombie

    NeilNeil20 dagar sedan
  • I'm just happy David's here!!

    DSoDragonDSoDragon21 dag sedan
  • Hmmm this is a masterpiece

    RyanRyan22 dagar sedan
  • “Zuuuumbeh”

    CyxhCyxh22 dagar sedan
  • It’s hard to play a zombie

    World PeaceWorld Peace22 dagar sedan
  • PUBLIC : WHAT are they doing!? Their mother : Just playing...now MOVE alongggggg...please. thank you. 👸🏼👁😘🤣

    Selasi AmeteweeSelasi Ametewee22 dagar sedan
  • Jordan finally got his revenge on Michael for stealing his "Hypotenuse" joke.

    KekasihMuGelapKekasihMuGelap23 dagar sedan

    peachywyattpeachywyatt23 dagar sedan
  • I've never gotten into zombies ,its a completely unrealistic scenario that it would or could happen

    JohnJohn24 dagar sedan
  • I wish Grimm continued

    Akuma OtakuSZAkuma OtakuSZ24 dagar sedan
  • 1:57 Bro I just got done watching Grimm and thats Nick Burkhadt O_-

    IsaacIsaac24 dagar sedan
  • They got David Giuntoli for this sketch? Are you serious?

    The Zach ParadeThe Zach Parade24 dagar sedan
  • Ey, its nick burkhardt

    DogSpitDogSpit24 dagar sedan
  • Wait is that the actor for Kevin from Brooklyn Nine Nine? 3:03

    Lavalodon GLavalodon G25 dagar sedan
  • Ahhhhhhhhhh im dead...999

    Davis Franz KahleDavis Franz Kahle25 dagar sedan
  • Muppets jup.

    Real HIFI HelpReal HIFI Help25 dagar sedan
  • Is this video about racism too? 99% of these skits involve white people being racist. It stopped being funny 20 years ago

    Daniel ApplegateDaniel Applegate27 dagar sedan
  • That’s lewbert from I Carly

    CltMikeFour3CltMikeFour327 dagar sedan
  • He been on since season one and they still dont know his name🤣

    Jwardhooper22Jwardhooper2227 dagar sedan
  • Haven’t heard any chatter on this thread in awhile.... Lungbump

    Will BoWill Bo27 dagar sedan
  • Oxe

    Droid cheat BrasilDroid cheat Brasil27 dagar sedan
  • I hate these kind of sketches now... You exactly know he's going to get kicked out while he's actually the one who can do it.. It's been the setup for most of K&P's sketches actually..

    RandomnaamofzoRandomnaamofzo28 dagar sedan
  • Good

    STRANGERSTRANGER28 dagar sedan
  • Isn't he the actor who played Lewbert in iCarly?

    Psychedelic AlgorithmPsychedelic Algorithm28 dagar sedan
  • AHHHHHHHHH wassup ᵐᵃᵐᵘᵐᵃᵐᵘᵐᵃᵇᵃᵇʸᵎ

    GumGum28 dagar sedan
  • What's a classics professor from Columbia who reads the Newyorker, doing here?

    Tanveer AhmedTanveer Ahmed28 dagar sedan
  • 3:25 peele expressions lol

    Arun JamesArun James29 dagar sedan
  • 2:28 hahaha

    Arun JamesArun James29 dagar sedan
  • 1:42 hahaha

    Arun JamesArun James29 dagar sedan
  • He did tell him to say whatever so.. 😂

    ShoppingBoredShoppingBored29 dagar sedan
  • So Kevin quit his teaching career to pursue his dream of being a zombie tv show director. Im sure Captain Holt is proud

    rkochamp07rkochamp0729 dagar sedan
  • Thats me in the school project

    RENEGADE CZRENEGADE CZ29 dagar sedan
  • More cowbell!

    Vijaymohan ChandrahasanVijaymohan ChandrahasanMånad sedan
  • It doesn't matter whether he gonna speak or not. He's just a background

    GameChapterGameChapterMånad sedan
  • Ngl, he was being a lil "extra" while portraying as a zombie.

    RomneyOfficial ✔RomneyOfficial ✔Månad sedan
  • @0:59 Isn't that Lubert from ICarly?

    VirginiaReaperVirginiaReaperMånad sedan
  • The irony: the "extras" are the main characters in the skit, the director and cameramen are extras.

    PavementPavementMånad sedan
    • My mind explode

      Dante KingDante King27 dagar sedan
  • meta extra

    Rinal HardianRinal HardianMånad sedan